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Integrating ID Badge Readers into the Workforce for Better Security & Efficiency

As companies grow, the need for increased security grows as well. Larger workforce facilities and
more employees mean companies are at greater risk of theft, equipment damage and leaking of
sensitive intellectual property. Employee time theft also poses a significant risk to a facilityʼs overall

Facilities with large workforces can significantly reduce these risks by integrating an employee ID
badge system
into the workplace. Badge readers and ID scanners are a versatile, nonintrusive way
to increase workforce security by restricting access to areas employees are not qualified to enter.
Badge readers can also increase workplace efficiency by acting as web based time clocks, collecting
comprehensive time and attendance data and eliminating employee time theft.

Tracy, Inc. is a leading provider of workforce solutions, including badge readers, ID badges,
biometric scanners and comprehensive time and attendance software solutions. Continue reading to
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Badge Scanners as Door Badge Access Readers

Tracyʼs ID badge readers can easily be programmed to function as door badge readers, allowing or
restricting the badge holderʼs access to any given point within a facility. By integrating door badge readers
into Tracyʼs UltraTime Enterprise time and attendance web-based software, door badge readers may be remotely programmed and automated to allow changing access to different facility areas depending
on the day, time and employee job description.

Badge Readers as Time Clocks

Time clock software is an added feature of Tracyʼs UltraTime time and attendance software which
can be integrated into ID badge readers to allow for seamless, accurate collection of payroll
information. Used as time clocks, badge readers are an effective way of preventing buddy punching
and other time theft.

Integrating ID Badge Readers and Biometric Scanners

Several of Tracyʼs badge reader products have dual options for badge scanning and biometric
. Adding biometric scanning capabilities to badge readers further increases facility security
and provides a viable, time saving option for employees who have lost their ID badges.